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DIY Wedding Table Activity

DIY & ProjectsMichela Mastellone-SchottmanComment

A good friend of mine just recently got married and requested that I come up with some sort of table activity to use as place setters. It was a very fun, laid back wedding held in a somewhat rustic-industrial resaurant/bar. It was a small wedding, but there were a good number of children attending, so in addition to the mad libs suggested by my friend, I also created some coloring pages. 

I spent a lot of time on pinterest looking at a variety of wedding activity pages to give me ideas. If you are not interested in doing your own formatting work, there are some great pages out there available to purchase/download from the creators.  I wanted to do some more customization to mine, but had limited time, so I downloaded some free clipart and spent a little time on my computer editing images and formatting my own activity and coloring pages.

I also utilized a few of the wedding mad libs available for download at Something Turquoise. Another friend previously used those mad libs at her wedding and everyone enjoyed them.


The wedding's colors were shades of grey, blue, and purple, so I printed the pages on 8.5x5.5 sheets of cardstock in coordinating shades. I made sure to have enough so that each place could have two pages: an activity page with a coloring page on the back as well as a mad lib with a "fill in the jar" coloring page on the back.

I was happy to find a use for some gray and blue cotton string I had. I tied up packs of two for each place setting.  I had agreed to arrive early at the wedding venue to help set up the space, so I had a fun time arranging the different packs at tables and displaying crayons and rustic wooden twig colored pencils my friend bought for the wedding. 

Not only did the final product turn out great, but the colors matched the other decorations perfectly and provided cheerful place settings. I had fun filling in all the pages with the others at my table as we waited for our delicious dinner, and I think my friend will appreciate some of the drawings her wedding guests drew her for many years to come.