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For the few who may have begun reading here...sorry for the break in posts! Life has been a little bit hectic. I just accomplished the move from North Carolina to Maine. I hate moving so much. I’ve done it countless times and I’ve parred down my belongings time and time again. I’ve very happily lived out of nothing but a backpack for an extended period of time, so I get so frustrated with myself and society and everything by having all of these THINGS. It’s a hard balance to find in being comfortable in a home and surrounded by things that are important to you and meaningful to you but not becoming overwhelmed with stuff. Moving always floods me with all of that which inevitably makes me wish that I were simply able to live with nothing but a tent and a back pack again.

But instead, I spent a sweltering hot day moving furniture up and down stairs and packing a sizable truck full of way too much stuff. I packed up the animals and all of their things (of which there is also a lot of) and took off on the 13+ hour drive to Boston to stop for the night and leave the pets in the care of my mom for a few days while I settled in and ferret-proofed the Maine home, which is only slightly over an hour north of Boston.

My cat Sausage and ferret Xylophone have now joined me and are both getting along great with my roommate's small dog. I've been spending the last week or so frantically assembling furniture, building shelves, and sewing curtains in hopes to settle in quickly and finally for the first time in AGES settle in to some sort of routine and get down to some business endeavors.


My computer has recently decided that it can no longer handle all that I ask it to do which at least has conveniently happened around my birthday and I was lucky enough to get help in purchasing a new computer. In theory, among other things, this will allow me to start getting into the swing of regular posting here. I have a growing list of great DIY projects to share and even some ideas of new products to sell!