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A Moment To Breathe

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For those few have begun reading here, sorry for the short hiatus. Unfortunately, I recently suffered the very unexpected, sudden death of my best ferret friend, Xylophone. It was something that I did not think would happen anytime in my near future and I had imagined my life in a very different place when I would have to adjust to life without him lovingly under my feet. It's left me in more than a little shock and far from having any creative energy. 

xylo belly.JPG

Over the weeks, the sense of his loss has not lessened any, but life has begun to roll along yet again. I'm starting to feel like I can pretend to be a mildly productive member of society and will hopefully soon have some more fun projects and the like to be posted up here.

To help with my personal reboot, I was able to have a great birthday celebration with my close friends (I had my golden birthday this year - 30 on the 30th, yikes!). My friends pulled off a killer party, complete with plenty of dinosaur decorations, temporary tattoos, personal cup decorating, and a massive crock pot full of hot spiced whiskey cider. It was far from a rave, but sitting around with all my local friends playing hilarious rounds of Cards Against Humanity is exactly what I wanted and I had a wonderful time. Plus, my friends came through with incredible birthday gifts including some delicious drinks, books of clever crafts and tricks to do with household objects, a dinosaur onesie, and a promised trip to go tubing this winter!

So even though these weeks have been difficult to trudge through, there have been some nice breaks with friends and watching the season start to change once again is encouraging me to gear up for some fun indoor projects to do to distract me from the soon coming winter gloom. So stay tuned, I'm back and will have more fun things to read soon!!