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Pigeon PDA

LifestyleMichela Mastellone-SchottmanComment

As eerie as I find the constant evidence of global climate change, I have to admit that I’ve really been enjoying Maine in December frequently having temperatures in the 50s. I’ve been so appreciative of this mild start to winter as a gentle “welcome back” to New England. I’ve been taking advantage of the unseasonable balminess and taking lots of beautiful walks over the bridge into Portsmouth, NH and along the waterfront.

On one such day I wandered into the park for some contemplative sitting and water gazing and had to smile as I watched these two pigeon friends enjoying the day. I snapped a quick picture and texted it to my friend, personifying our relationship through the pigeons. Soon after, I started laughing hysterically by myself on a dock as I watched the pigeons kiss!! And yes, I know that this “kiss” is in fact a weird pidgeon mutual feeding pre-mating ritual, but after a while of gazing at the pair adoringly, I couldn’t help but think they were putting on a show for me.


I'm sure this incredible weather won't continue for much longer, but I'm glad I've been able to get in as many walks as I have, and hopefully there are still some more warm days left for pigeon kissing in the park!